Effective January 1, 2015

TypeMonthlyQuarterlyAnnuallyAnnual Bank Draft per month* (12 month commitment)
Youth Resident$8$20$50$4.58
Youth Nonresident$16$40$100$9.17
Youth Qualified Nonresident$12$30$75$6.88
Adult Resident$20$38$114$10.45
Adult Nonresident$40$76$228$20.90
Adult Qualified Non-Resident$30$57$171$15.68
Family Resident$26$55$173$15.86
Family Nonresident$52$110$346$31.72
Family Qualified Nonresident$39$83$260$23.83
Senior Resident$8$20$50$4.58
Senior Nonresident$16$40$100$9.17
Senior Qualified Nonresident$12$30$75$6.88
Senior Couple Resident$10$25$76$6.97
Senior Couple Nonresident$20$50$152$13.93
Senior Couple Qualified Nonresident$15$38$114$10.45


MONTHLY: A membership that is good for 1 month from the date of purchase

QUARTERLY: A membership that is good for 3 months from the date of purchase

ANNUAL: A membership that is good for 12 months from the date of purchase

ANNUAL-BANK DRAFT PAYMENT OPTION: A 12 month minimum membership option that allows you the option of breaking your annual membership payment down into monthly payments drafted directly from a checking or savings account. Requires a prorated down payment for the first 2 months, and includes a 10% service fee in the price. This membership requires a minimum of a 12 month commitment. See front desk staff or call with questions.

RESIDENT: A person or family who lives within the city limits of the City of Rossford, or a student who is enrolled in Rossford or All Saints schools.

NON-RESIDENT: Any person or family living outside the city limits of the City of Rossford.

QUALIFIED NON-RESIDENT: Available to those individuals & families employed by Rossford businesses who reside  outside the city limits. Proof of employment must be shown at the time of application.

YOUTH: An individual ages 0-18 years (must still be in high school if they are 18 years old)

ADULT: Individuals 18 years & older (out of high school)

SENIOR: A person who is 55 years of age or older

SENIOR COUPLE: A married couple where both parties are 55 years of age or older

FAMILY: A family may consist of a married couple and/or the parent with legal custody (or adults with  guardianship) of minor children, or child up to the age of 18 years or younger who is still enrolled in high school.

Rossford Recreation accepts Silver Sneakers Memberships

Find participating health plans on silversneakers.com 

or call SilverSneakers to verify eligibility: 1-888-423-4632

Rossford Recreation accepts Renew Active Memberships

Find paticipating health plans on uhcrenewactive.com

Membership registration with the front desk is required before first use of Rec Center

Effective January, 1, 2015

All non-member guest fees are now $5 per person/per day

Rossford Residents (with proof of residency) can pay $5 daily admission to the Rossford Community Recreation Center.

All nonresident guests MUST turn in a Member Issued Guest Admission Permit along with $5 daily admission fee. Nonresidents without a Guest Admission Permit will not be allowed into the facility without taking out their own membership.